Composition of DTO Ranchi Office

1. District Transport Officer Nagendra Paswan JAS 9955134922
2. Motor Vehicles Inspector SHYAM KISHORE YADAV JE 9931900399
3. Enforcement Officer One Dy.S.P. rank officer is deputed every month by the transport department.
4. Enforcement Sub-Inspector Two S.I. rank officer are deputed every month by the transport department.


      Driving License Monthwise(2011-12)

Month Learning License Driving License
  Male Female Total Male Female Total
Apr'11 530 120 650 410 60 470
May'11 684 102 786 672 82 754
Jun'11 623 73 696 532 64 596
Jul'11 1597 130 1727 659 73 732
Aug'11 868 98 966 581 51 632
Sep'11 992 103 1095 610 89 699
Oct'11 523 58 581 507 61 568
Nov'11 660 101 761 483 93 576
Dec'11 897 162 1059 595 107 702


      Vehicle Registration Monthwise(2011-12)

Month Total
Apr'11 3928
May'11 6008
Jun'11 3785
Jul'11 5066
Aug'11 4272
Sep'11 4828
Oct'11 3223
Nov'11 6375
Dec'11 5569


      Vehicle Registration Categorywise(2010-11)

Vehicle Class Total(in nos.)
Truck 1565
Bus 279
Car/SUV 8256
Taxi 479
Jeep 2442
Three Wheeler 2656
Two Wheeler 43040
Tractor 1424
Tailor 497
Others 1


      Annual Revenue Collection(DTO Ranchi)

Fin. Year Collection(in rupees)
2001-02 12,95,42,532=00
2002-03 17,70,13,488=00
2003-04 17,76,42,222=00
2004-05 19,05,13,443=00
2005-06 22,33,04,514=00
2006-07 21,89,39,234=00
2007-08 22,68,51,295=00
2008-09 34,51,00,233=00
2009-10 33,87,26,441=00
2010-11 36,94,28,043=00



      pdf  How to obtain driving License? pdf

      pdf  Common mistakes while driving pdf

      pdf  Helping Road Accident Victims pdf

      Duty of Driver/Owner of a vehicle involved in an accident

1.The driver or the owner of a vehicle involved in any accident that has caused injury or damage to any person is required to secure medical aid for the injured person, by taking him to the nearest doctor. 2.Section 134 of the Motor Vehicles (MV) Act, 1988 states that the driver and / or the owner of the motor vehicle responsible for a road accident is required to take all reasonable steps to secure medical attention for the injured person by conveying him to the nearest medical practitioner or hospital, unless it is not practicable to do so on account of mob fury or any other reason beyond his control.
3.He shall report the matter to the nearest police station within 24 hours. 4.Under Section 187 of MV Act 1988, whoever fails to comply with the provisions of the clauses of Section 134, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 months, or with fine which may extend to Rs. 500, or with both. If it is the second time for the person concerned, then the penalty is harsher. The imprisonment may extend to 6 months, or with fine, which may extend to Rs.1000, or with both.
5.Also inform the insurance company about the occurrence of the accident, namely, insurance policy number and period of its validity; date, times and place of accident; particulars of the persons injured and / or killed in the accident’ and name of the driver and particulars of his driving licence. 6.Every doctor whether at a Government hospital or otherwise has the professional obligation to extend his services with due expertise for protecting life. No law or State action can intervene to avoid / delay the discharge of the paramount obligation cast upon members of the medical profession. The obligation being total, absolute and paramount, laws of procedure whether in statutes or otherwise which would interfere with the discharge of this obligation cannot be sustained and must, therefore, give way”.



*Can an NRI or foreigner drive a vehicle in India on the basis of European license or driving license issued by any foreign country? He can not. However if he has obtained an IDP from his own country and his country is a signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention he can drive in India the specified category of vehicle till the IDP is valid.
*What is the validity of IDP issued in India? The validity of IDP is one year from the date of its issue or the validityof the domestic license whichever is earlier.
*Can IDP be issued to an NRI/foreigner? No IDP in India can be issued only to Indian citizens.



*What are the provisions relating to Inter State transfer of vehicles? When a Motor vehicle registered in one State has been kept in other State for a period exceeding twelve months the owner is required to obtain a new registration mark to be assigned by the registering authority within whose jurisdiction the vehicle then is in terms of section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.
*What are the provisions relating to refund of one time tax paid in respect of non transport vehicles? Taxes on Motor vehicles is a State subject and hence the Motor vehicles Act 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 do not contain any provision thereon. However while you apply for the new registration mark the State authorities would demand a N.O.C. for the original registration authority ( from the earlier State). N.O.C. is normally issued by such authority after ascertaining that all taxes/dues have been paid. In case of a non transport vehicle normally one time tax for 15 years in the first instance ( and 5 years thereafter ) is paid in most of the States. In case of transfer to another State the new State would demand prorata tax for the remainder of the onetime tax period. Such taxes are to be paid. Corresponding refund can be applied in the earlier State. Certain States exempt certain categories of transferable Govt. employees from payment of such taxes on transfer. You need to check with the concerned RTO authorities or Transport Commissioners.



*What is the role of State Government relating to introduction of HSRP To implement the scheme in accordance with the rules framed by Central Government.
To select the vendors from among those who have been given Type Approval Certificate by the authorized testing agencies under Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 .
After selection of vendor, to make sure that proper controls are being exercised at the time of issuance of these plates.
*Which testing agencies have been authorized to give Type Approval certificate? Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Delhi, Mathura Road, P.O. CRRI, New Delhi-20.
Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) , P.B. 832, Pune- 411004.
Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Vahan Nagar, Ahmed Nagar-414006.
*Who can be selected by State to sell/affix HSRP ? Any prospective vendor can obtain type approval certificate from any of the authorized testing agencies and thereafter can participate in the selection procedure by the State Governments. It is for the State Govt. to select a vendor or vendors.


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