History of Ranchi


Earlier the name of Ranchi District was Lohardaga. The old district had come into existence after the creation of the non-regulation South - West frontier as a result of the Kol rising in 1831-32. The name of the district was changed in 1899 from Lohardaga to Ranchi after the name of a small village now comprised within the headquarters station.

In ancient times the tract which corresponds to the district of Ranchi and the neighouring parganas was in the undisturbed possession of Munda and Oraon Tribes and was known to Aryans as Jharkhand or the 'forest territory'. The entire tract was presumably beyond the pale of the direct Hindu influence in ancient India. However, Jarasandh, the mighty emperor of Rajgriha in the Mahabharat period might have exercised some kind of loose supervision over the area. Similarly, Magapadmand Agrasen of Magadh, who subdued the entire country upto Orissa , might have gained some control over Jharkhand as well. More on history...


Ranchi, Capital of Jharkhand is divided into Ranchi and Bundu subdivisions and each subdivision is further divided into blocks, panchayats and villages.It consists of 18 blocks and 305 panchayats.Under Ranchi SubDivision,there are 14 blocks and Bundu SubDivision consists of 4 blocks.More on administration...


hill Ranchi, Capital of Jharkhand is also called as city of Water falls and lakes.Dassam falls is 34 kms from Ranchi on Ranchi-Tata Road near a village called Taimara. Here, the Kachni river, a tributary of Subarnarekha River falls from an altitude of 144 feet. It is also known as Dassam Gagh.Similarly, Hundru fall is about 45 kms from Ranchi on Ranchi-Purulia Road.Here the Subarnarekha River falls from a height of 320 feet."Jonha Falls" also known as Gautamdhara is around 40 Kms from Ranchi. It is approachable by both Road and train. The fall can be admired by descending around 500 steps. There is a tourist rest house which contains Lord Buddha temple. The river Kanchi flows nearby. More on Tourism...


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