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Phone Directory(Ranchi Police)
 Sl.No.Name of PostPhone/Mobile
 1.Police Deputy General Inspector 2490092/2491885
 2.Senior Supritendent of Police 2200237/2301102
 3.Supritendent of Police ,Urban 2200898/2301292
 4.Supritendent of Police ,Rural 2200238/2491885
 5.Supritendent of Police ,Traffic 22206266/2301122
 6.D.S.P , Urban 2200969/2563101
 7.D.S.P , Hatia 2443403/2510250
 8.Distict Commandent, Home Guard 2283701/2246675
 9.Kotwali Police Station 2200968
 10.Sadar Police Station 2544625
 11.Hindpiri Police Station 2205409
 12.Sadar Police Station 2544625
 13.Sukhdev Nagar Police Station 2284509
 14.Lalpur Police Station 2203754
 15.Bariyatu Police Station 2542660
 16.Gonda Police Station 2281266
 17.Lower Bazar Police Station 2351022
 18.Chutia Police Station 2461880
 19.Doranda Police Station 2481057
 20.Argora Police Station 2242132
 21.Jagarnathpur Police Station 2442692
 22.Daily Market Police Station 2216685
 23.Hatia/Dhurwa Police Station 2408299
 24.Kanke Police Station 2230734
 25.Ratu Police Station 2521424
 26.Namkum Police Station2261756
 27.Oramanjhi Police Station 2576523
 28.Angara Police Station 956522-227024
 29.Mandar Police Station956531-224581
 30.Chanho Police Station 956531-274362
 31.Burmu Police Station956531-274110
 32.Lapung Police Station956529-271010
 33.Bero Police Station956529-277376
 34.Sikidiri Police Station956522-276768
 35.Tamar Police Station956530-272472
 36.Sonahatu Police Station956530-274043
 37.Bundu Police Station956530-222001
 38.Pithoria Police Station2475432
 39.Khelari Police Station956531-246410
 40.Nagri Police Station2775702
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