Sohrai is the art form depicting bulls, horses with riders, wild animals, trees, lotuses, peacocks, and horned deities. These images are painted using twigs & branches of trees on the walls using the most natural form of coloring, red, black, yellow and white earth. Married women mostly draw these images during festivals & harvest time.

Ranchi, the picturesque capital city of Jharkhand,is situated at an altitute of 2140 ft. above the sea level and is beautifully surrounded by hills, waterfalls.

Jyotindranath, the elder brother of Rabindranath Tagore built a house on the hill and named it Shanti Dham. In the pleasant surroundings of the hill, that later came to be known as Tagore hill that, Jyotindranath translated Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s Marathi Srimad Bhagwad Gita Rahasya, into Bengali.

In the state of Jharkhand Palash is associated with the folk tradition. Many folk literary expressions describe palash as the forest fire. The beauty of dry deciduous forests of Jharkhand reach their height when most trees have fallen their leaves and Palash is in its full bloom. Palash is also the State Flower of Jharkhand.

Santhali dance is primarily performed on special occasions, especially during spring festival, accompanied by a traditional song. It often takes place within forested areas and depicts a kind of dedication to the forest Gods and Goddesses. It is also practiced to welcome guests.

Tamak is a bowl shaped kettle drum. Its body is made of thin metal sheets, covered by bullock hide and beaten by a pair of sticks

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Momentum Jharkhand

In a bid to boost the ‘Make in India’ initiative of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, and to develop high value investment opportunities in the state , the Government of Jharkhand led by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. Raghubar Das is planning to organize the maiden ‘Momentum Jharkhand Global Investors Summit’ on 16–17 February 2017 in Ranchi. The summit aims to establish Jharkhand as a premier Investment destination for both foreign as well as domestic investors. The summit would be preceded by a well-planned sequence of domestic and overseas events organized with the intent to promote the state and woo investors for investments in Jharkhand.
Momentum Jharkhand