RANCHI - Art & Culture

Famous Dance Forms of Ranchi

The traditional dance forms of Ranchi and its surrounding areas depict warriorlike movements of battles fought in ancient times, animal and bird behavior. The dances depict different emotions like joy, sorrow & anger. The dancers convey these emotions beautifully through these dances. Some of the popular dance forms of this place are:

Chhau - The word is derived from the Sanskrit word Chhaya meaning shade, image, or mask. It is vibrant dance portraying the daily activities of the tribal folk –working in the fields, in the forests, in their homes, etc

Santhal - It is a group dance performed by the Santhal tribes of this region, during all festivals and special occasions. The dance reflects the culture and traditions of the local tribes. Colourful costumes & body decorated with flowers are the main attractions of this dance form.

KarmaKarma - is another popular folk dance of Ranchi and its nearby areas, performed in the month of August during the Karma festival. The name has been derived from a tree named Karma which symbolizes good luck and prosperity and hence is considered sacred.

Handicrafts & Paintings of Ranchi

Ranchi & its nearby areas are rich in traditional tribal artifacts. Local artifacts made of bamboo, wood products, toys and metal craft and pottery is much appreciated & make for a good buy. The traditional ‘Paitkar’ paintings, tribal ornaments, masks and baskets and stone carvings are difficult to find in markets.

Paitkar Paintings - Scroll painting or Paitkar is a specialty of the tribals. the work of the artisans depicting various features using natural colors.

Sohrai Art - Sohrai is the art form depicting bulls, horses with riders, wild animals, trees, lotuses, peacocks, and horned deities. These images are painted using twigs & branches of trees on the walls using the most natural form of coloring, red, black, yellow and white earth. Married women mostly draw these images during festivals & harvest time.

Other Forms - Oraon Bhitichitra, Santhali Bhitichitra and Jado Patiya are the styles of paintings that can still be found today & common among tribals.

Religion in Ranchi

The most common religions followed in Ranchi are Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Ranchi district has nearly 41.8 – 44.6 percentage of tribal population. The tribals follow their own religion Sarna religion/Sarna Dharam. They have their own worship place called "Sarna Asthal/Jaher" religious flag called "Sarna Jhanda”. During the Sarhul festival every Oraon gather in Ranchi & organise a rally or procession